Jasper Martin from Newcastle England moved to Milton in the 18th century and he was the reason for the establishment of this town. He was awarded with 100 acres of land for building makeshifts and temporary home after coming there. He used the land and built grist mill and a pond to aid that mill. This mill attracted more people to the area and by 1837 the place started to see the growth in population. There was ongoing scuffle between Milton and Oakville from 1855 as there was development work ongoing in Oakville with construction of railway track whereas Milton had nothing notable as the stage. The council members of Oakville would easily muscle out the members of Milton whenever the later tried to raise any development issues. Milton was small at the point of time and in 1857 only it was officially incorporated into a town within Halton Region. Since then it has grown significantly with population and development of business and real estate properties.

Milton has been a major destination for many business house of Canada as they have established companies and industries in the town. It can be a place to invest with growing economic activities and businesses. You can browse our website for Homes in Milton along with other real estate properties suitable for your business. Executive homes, bungalows, family homes, townhouses, semi-detached and detached houses are the most popular residential properties you can find in Milton area. You can access all these and other real estate properties in the area with our website. There are still vacant lots that can be useful for business and house which you can buy with reasonable pricing.

The city is a good place to live in with all kinds of education facilities available for school going children. There are a number of elementary schools that are public, private and catholic. You can find numerous means to spend your leisure time with indoor and outdoor activities. If you feel like to have a real estate property in town with all kind of facilities you can choose Milton. You can browse our websites for Homes in Milton if you feel you want to invest for your good future. There is access to road transport as well as railway. You can find places to visit if you have interest in history, culture and monuments. There are theater, museums and parks where older people can spend quality time and close to nature. For business houses there are commercial and retail options to sell or rent the business properties. Recreational sports for sports enthusiast are available where you can play ice hockey, cycling and mountain biking. Canada is a leading country when it comes to ice hockey.