You might wonder why someone would build a clothing line that specializes in staying dry.  If you’ve ever lived the in Pacific Northwest region of the United States you’d know.  The average rainfall in the region is over 130 inches.  But protecting yourself from downpours is only one reason to have raingear.  The Pacific Northwest is also the mecca for hikers and bikers who scale the loftiest heights and trek through the lush surroundings.

By using Groupons to buy wet-weather and outdoor gear from Columbia, they can be thrifty with their budget and find all they need to enjoy the watercrafts they might own.  Columbia makes its products using 100% recycled dye-free fabric with no intentional PFC’s, making them a breed apart.  Columbia prides themselves on making the best rain gear on the planet.  For over 70 years they have been making sportswear for the great outdoors to keep you warm, dry, cool and protected.  Columbia has been the preferred brand for decades.  Their legendary storm surge pants, switchback rain jackets and outdoor apparel for women and men have been the preferred brand for decades.

Based in the Pacific Northwest town of Portland, Oregon the company has a unique take on what makes their customers happy.  And for those who love to hike, fish, hunt, climb, golf or just enjoy the outdoors, Columbia makes a product that enhances the enjoyment of the experience.  Now you can use a money savings Groupon to make it even more enjoyable.  Take advantage of Groupon offers for 60% off on sale items, 15% off selected merchandise and rewards with sign up.  You can save on clearance items, special promotions and codes; these can be done using your smart phone so you can get your shopping done in no time.

The Columbia folks behind these products are as passionate about making them as they are about using them, so they stand behind what they do with confidence.  The family started the business to better enjoy their new environment – Portland, Oregon.  To this day, the company has remained in the hands of the descendants of its founders, who sought to preserve and share the Pacific Northwest they loved with their fellow citizens and customers.  The products they sell around the world still reflect that same customer service and loyalty to their Pacific Northwest origin.