A restaurant’s ambience is the first thing that attracts customers. Once they get attracted and enter your restaurant, then comes the time for your chef to display his talent on a plate. However, people do think that painting walls with bright colors and displaying wall hangings with attractive lights solves all purpose. However, the truth is that a person enters a restaurant looking at the environment inside.

Creating a cozy or bright environment solely depends upon the doors and windows situated in your restaurant. When a customer comes into a restaurant during hot summers they don’t want to sweat in heat by sitting beside a window that allows scorching sunlight to enter. Similarly, during winters they don’t want to sit in a dull environment with all doors and windows closed.

Window shades play an important role in creating a perfect comfortable and relaxing ambience for your guests. Not only it looks attractive but also helps in providing privacy, filter from sun and controlled temperature. The feel of room changes depending upon the window treatments selected. If you need a shade that should allow lot of light then light colored shades would be perfect.

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When you select a window treatment few factors need to be kept in mind –

  • Safety measures
  • Change in season
  • Perfect interior
  • Good view and visibility

Safety measures

There are many safety measures that are kept in mind. A shade should be safe, secured and fire resistant. There are many local fire departments that look into the fabric being used inside a restaurant. Any family restaurant needs to have safe environment. Blinds aren’t very safe especially when fried stuffs are displayed because oil and dust stick to the stacks and make it difficult for your staff to clean it.

Change in season

If your bistro is in a location where season changes, then you would need a window treatment that protects your customers from UV rays and scorching heat. For such places solar shades are just perfect match because they are wear and tear resistant and can be cleaned easily.

Perfect interior

Window treatments should always be considered a part of your restaurant therefore their design should match the wall color and furniture. They can either give a homely touch or can make you feel bizarre. The decorative element in your shades should look elegant during dark under the light.

Good view and visibility

You want shades that can allow view from outside without making your guests uncomfortable while eating. Hence, selecting the best fabric for such shades is always crucial. Sometimes if your restaurant is on the upper floor, then keeping windows completely open also gives a vibrant look.

Blinds, shutters, readymade curtains are few of the examples to give your windows an elegant look. You can always set a budget for the interior of your restaurant and I can assure that you will find something suitable at a reasonable price.