Asking for a surveyor to come and do a property valuation is like being tested for an exam. You want to make sure that you put your best foot forward if you want to get a high score. You prepare for the test so you can answer all possible questions.

This is the same when it comes to property valuation. You want to showcase the best of your property so it will get a high value once the report comes out. You should work hard to show it at its best. Take note that even if surveyors tend to be objective, the visual appearance of your place could make them increase its value a bit. This small change could mean all the difference.

Make the house look great

Spruce your place up as if you have special guests coming over. Clean it up and make sure there is no clutter. Keep everything that is messy out of sight and throw away things you no longer need. Mow your lawn and make the backyard look really relaxing. The point is to create a positive first impression. This starts from the moment the surveyor enters the property, until he leaves. You should also pay attention to details. These people are experts in this job. They see the details.

Find out how much other properties nearby are worth

This helps a lot so you will know the average value of the properties nearby. This will let you know if the valuation report is accurate or way too different from the average. In determining the value of the property, it is not just about the value of the property itself, but also of the neighbouring properties. This means that your property should be valued at pretty much the same value as other similar properties.

Don’t lie

Be there during the valuation so you can answer any questions. However, you should be honest with every question thrown at you. Presenting inaccuracies will only make it difficult for your surveyor to estimate your property at a higher value. Again, they are experts. They have seen a lot of properties and have valued a lot of them. They are also updated about changes in market prices so they will know if you are telling the truth or not. Just be honest and let the surveyor decide the final value.

It doesn’t take much time to do the actual valuation. The difficult part is preparing your property. If you are planning to hire their services now, you’d better get started. Find out more about a party wall surveyor Essex offers so you can get the best service possible. In no time, you can sell your property and make more money out of it.