Flat rental is one of the highest portions of your monthly budget. In fact, the moment you receive your paycheck, you immediately allot a portion of it for flat rental. This is quite frustrating. You have worked really hard just to find out that everything you have worked hard for went to your flat rental.

The good thing is that there are ways for you to have a flat with a lower monthly rental fee. Here are some tips to take into consideration.

Speak with the owner

You can easily bargain with the owner if you can’t afford the place and you really want to rent it. Just don’t show how interested you are. It is more difficult to ask for a lower rate if you show that you are very interested in it. Make them feel like they are running after you and not the other way around.

Learn how to sacrifice

There are certain flats with fewer amenities. You have to decide whether or not there are certain amenities or services that you really need. For instance, you don’t need a laundry service if you can wash your clothes without assistance. You also don’t need a flat with a pool or fitness gym if you have membership elsewhere. You can trade these amenities for a much lower rate. Again, think smart and learn how to sacrifice.


Don’t get a fully furnished flat

You can live without complete furniture in your place. If the place is not fully furnished, you won’t spend a lot of money for monthly rental. Some owners are confident in raising the price because they know the place already has everything that the tenant could ask for. If the place does not have complete furniture, you can bargain.

Save more on other things

If you really can’t lower the rate for monthly rental, learn how to make cuts elsewhere. Don’t use the air conditioner or heater at all times. Use a timer to turn the device off when not needed. You can also save more with your monthly water bill by conserving water. In making these sacrifices, you can offset part of the amount spent for monthly rental.

Once you have found a way to save money with your rental fee, it is time to sign the contract. You won’t regret this decision especially if you know you have done everything to bring the cost down.

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