Thailand has great appeal to many as a vacation spot because of its exceptional tropical climate, warm people and exciting culture. As a result, many vacationers are repeat visitors and many other people who have had cherished experiences there are looking into investing in the property market there for various reasons. The flourishing tourism industry also makes it very attractive to foreign investors as a lucrative business opportunity. With all these positive factors in mind, this guide will help you to ascertain what you can do to find the best properties in Thailand.

One of the first things you want to make sure of in trying to locate the best property in Thailand is to know where these are. The location you chose will also be influenced by the reason you are seeking to acquire property.

People looking for a vacation home or rental property may be looking for different things than people looking for a home to settle in for retirement. There are several areas which are most popular for property seekers and which are also viewed as prime real estate. Some of the most sought after areas are Phuket, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin and Pai.


Phuket is world famous for its beaches and calm and relaxing atmosphere. It is common for many retirees and other foreigners to settle here to benefit from the serene lifestyle which Phuket offers. The cost of living is reasonable, the weather is almost perfect all year round and the general living expenses such as rent and medical tend to be significantly lower than what it would cost in the US.


The busy capital of Bangkok is home to the bustling business centre in Thailand. This is where you will find the BTS as well as most corporate offices. If you are looking to own property close to all of this activity or to your place of work and don’t mind the fast pace of life there, then Bangkok will definitely be your choice. Of course property in the city will be more costly than the ones moving further away.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai offers its settlers a very affordable cost of living coupled with rich historical and cultural sites as well as all the modern amenities. The health care and medical system meet international standards and there is also much to explore in this the home of the Buddhist temples. For living accommodations you will be able to choose from detached houses, terrace or town houses as well as condo units.

Hua Hin

With the many miles of beach to be found here, a lot of the accommodations are condos and apartments which are along the beach. Because of their location, you will find that these are more expensively priced, however there are similar accommodations to be found more inland which are much more affordable.


Pai is a rural province of Thailand which lies between the mountains and valleys. Because of its lush vegetation the land is quite fertile and the air very clean, which makes it excellent for settling and living a healthy lifestyle. The pace of life is very slow which would make it ideal for persons looking to get away from hectic big city life and really be able to ‘stop and smell the roses’. The basic amenities can be accessed here however it is just about an hour from Chiang Mai, the nearest city.

Conducting the Search

In beginning your search for Thai property, you may want to start searching on the internet. The internet will provide you with a generous selection of real estate companies which have available listings of the properties available all over Thailand. From these listings you can decide on the areas that you will consider looking more closely into and also be able to ascertain how much you will be willing to pay to acquire property.

Having gathered your information, you will also want to check with the Land Department to ensure that the titles are in proper order. There are several reasons why you should take this step. You will want to ensure that there are no liens, mortgages or loans against the property to prevent you from purchasing it. This step will save you valuable time in the event that any of these situations obtain. The title will also let you know whether the individual who possesses the title has the legal right to do so. Both steps serve to protect you from unnecessary challenges which you may encounter during the transaction.

Alternatively, you could choose to use a real estate agent to carry out the preliminary part of the process on your behalf. They would therefore handle the property search as well as the title searches for the properties of interest. All these services would come to you at an additional cost which you would have discussed with your agent. This option is available to potential buyers who would rather not have to do all of this on their own.

Author Bio – This guest post is written by Malcolm Jones promoting Thailand Real Estate.