Parquet flooring often gets a bad press, when compared to other types of materials, and it can be seen as a fairly old fashioned choice, but there are plenty of contemporary designs and it has many advantages, which are helping to boost its popularity.

The finished look
When you’re choosing new flooring, how it will look when finished is one of the most important considerations. Parquet flooring has a more unique look than many of the alternatives, due to its use of varying types of wood, which means that no two pieces are completely identical. This also makes it easier to match to your existing interior decor. One of the latest trends for parquet and wood flooring is textured surfaces.
Easy to clean
As with other types of hardwood flooring, parquet is quick and easy to clean, which makes it a practical option, especially for family homes or properties with pets. You can simply wipe up spills and a quick once over with a brush and mop will suffice to keep it looking good. Parquet floors won’t stain and don’t absorb any nasty smells.
When you’re researching the choices from an online flooring company, such as, durability is often a key factor. Parquet floors are ideal, as they are resistant to scratches and don’t suffer from wear and tear, so they will last for a considerable time, if put together correctly.
Great for allergy sufferers
If you or someone in your family suffers from an allergy, then choosing the right flooring can reduce the symptoms. The smooth surface of parquet means there is nowhere for dust and other allergens to build up, unlike carpets and rugs.
Easy to resurface

Even though parquet is exceptionally durable, there may be times when you want to resurface it to enhance the look. This type of wood flooring is manufactured from solid pieces, so it can be sanded and refinished a number of times, without needing to replace it.

Quality product
Today there are so many options for flooring that it can be hard to know which the best choice is. Parquet is certainly not the cheapest choice, but it will provide a quality look and finish than surpasses some of the other choices, such as laminate, and its durability makes it a good investment.