When buyers check real estate listings in Toronto, have you ever wondered how Google and other search engines determine which listings appear at the top of the search results? It all depends on how you word your listing. So here are some tips to help you do it correctly:

  1. Always check your grammar and spelling. Lots of people are put off by poorly written listings, and the Google search engine favors the listings with proper grammar and punctuation.
  2. Don’t use ALL CAPS anywhere. People don’t like it, and Google will consider it spam.
  3. Mention the street address and neighborhood in the first paragraph. Buyers don’t want to wade through text to find this vital info.
  4. Put in the address in the last paragraph too. Search engines seem to prefer it in this part of the listing.
  5. Disclose right away what kind of residence you’re offering. Say if it’s a single-family home, attached, semi-attached, a co-op, or a condo.
  6. Use descriptive words to catch the attention of both buyers and search engines. If you have nice countertops, specifically mention if they’re marble or granite. If you have a fireplace, say it’s a “wood-burning” fireplace. If you’ve updated your kitchen, call it a gourmet kitchen. Don’t just say that you have hardwood floors, and specify if it’s white oak or American cherry.
  7. Don’t forget to mention if you’ve just recently upgraded any room in the house. Say that you have an “upgraded” bedroom. You may want to update your kitchen and bathroom, and then mention it in your listing.
  8. If you’ve really fixed all that’s wrong with the house so it’s in perfect shape, boast about it. Say that it’s “move-in ready”. This will tell potential buyers that they won’t have to spend money or waste time fixing up the house after buying it. People are readier to buy when they can move in as quickly as possible.
  9. Don’t forget to mention if you have a basement or cellar. Lots of buyers like the extra space. If you’ve fixed up your basement, you can then call it a large lower-level rec room. Mention that you have a full bath for it if you do have it, as potential buyers can use it as an extra bedroom or even rent it out.
  10. Mention nearby attractions. Are there any parks, malls, and groceries nearby? Mention also the various restaurants and coffee shops along with any other entertainment venues. Don’t forget to mention it if you have schools located nearby as well. Just look for the attractions that come up when you Google your street address, and then mention them in the listing.
  11. For many homebuyers in the northern part of North America, there’s a lot of interest in homes with natural light. It’s great during the cold winter. Don’t forget to mention if you have any “south-facing windows” as that will provide natural light throughout the day.
  12. If you’re selling a condo, present the floor level in the best possible light. If you’re on the lower floors, emphasize the accessibility of the unit. If it’s on a higher floor, highlight the privacy and the how traffic noise is less. With a top floor location, make sure buyers realize that there won’t be any neighbors on a higher level stomping on their floors.
  13. If you have trees in the neighborhood, don’t forget to mention “tree-lined” streets. Trees are beautiful and offer shade for daytime strolls. They also muffle the traffic sounds from the streets.

These are rather simple yet effective tricks that you can use to improve the visibility of your listings.